About Us

We are The Grass Orchids, a Music Production & Performance Company.

The Grass Orchids have an on-going passion for the writing of Original Music and Lyrics.  It has always been a pleasure and a delightful experience to share our Music with fans and audiences all around the world.  Our individual journeys commenced long ago and will avail far into the future as long as our inspirations and aspirations remain.

The Grass Orchids

We are inspired by our Faded Memories of the past.

Having always had a real passion for the art of Music & Lyric writing. This alone has sustained us throughout and right up to the present day.

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In saying that, we are delighted to share our life’s work with all of our fans and indeed our audience all over the world.

Our journey has seen us pursue our destiny and great joy of music with determined vigour and inspiration converged.

Our combined stories take us on a long and fascinating trip.  When navigating the ups and downs of this art there are the highs and the lows.  We have come to the understanding that the successes and pitfalls are a big part of our exciting and sometimes arduous endeavour.

We hope that all our listeners and fans alike enjoy The Grass Orchids music as we have enjoyed bringing our music and song to the world.


Our team consists of some very talented individuals. They all have the competence and skills of performing and embodying the plethora of works contained here.

S. C. Robert Bruno

Founder, CEO

Samantha Jane Clarke

Song Writer, Musician and Composer

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