My Angel + Close Your Eyes


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My Angel + Close Your Eyes ©


C, Am, F, G


I came back to find an angel of my own

To embrace him, with my heart of stone

In a pretty torn dress, a symbol of my life

I went back to meat My Angel, in the middle of the night


He said, I am your love, take my hand

Do not be afraid, for you I land

I will guide your soul, keep you from the cold

I am your angel, it’s you I hold


(Piano Accompaniment)

C, G, Am, F


Close Your Eyes do not weep, I’m here and I’ll never leave

This time with you is where I’ll stay, never go away

And you’ll see, just how much I love you

Never have to say goodbye


Don’t cry, you’re hurting but this is a new beginning 

We’re going to make it to the end, be the best of friends

Finding our way together through this world

And remember baby, I’m your girl


Always be your girl, now and forever

Now we’re together, we’ll always be together

For ever and ever

You can count on me, I’ll set you free

This one will be, now you’re with me

Just you and me

Don’t cry, you’re 


My Angel + Close Your Eyes ©



Samantha Jane Clarke 1999 ©

(ISRC 2022)


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