Born Again


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Born Again ©

Luck enough to be Born Again, she woke up from a dream

Never before had the world been seen by such pure eyes

Then a journey back to where she first did breathe

Something dragged her down, south, to where she is

She’s running scared, the past is far too close, terror in her body from a little ghost

Filled by a gentle host, sleeping in the walls

Awakening to find, memory not defined, heartbreak was the rhyme from her early time


She has slept, too scared to see the world for fear

And start the journey, of the spirit to be for here

She knows safe is best, she knows life is but a test

Then one day, we’ll be over and fly eternally


Time here, time there, no fear or fare

Your path leads here, to see what is there

And the universe came swiftly, sent from heaven

Heaven sent me a perfect little baby and all I need to do is care for thee


To cherish our family, three times luck

From north to south from far to go, we continue to live our goal

If everlasting love, this time upon this earth is ours, for the taking

Through the air that it’s been sifted, by our own gentle quaking

Born Again ©


Samantha Jane Clarke 2007 ©

(ISRC 2022)


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