Gospel Number One

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Gospel Number One

If I, could go back, I know what I would do

But I, can’t go back and be with you

And the rain reminds me of when you went away

And when you found me, oh what a shame

I couldn’t be the one to stand beside you

I wasn’t strong enough, strong enough to be with you


So, goodbye my shining son, you will always be the one


I miss out in this life, but I’ll look for you in the next one


Like a bird you fly, like a child I cry


Like a bird you ply, like a child I cry


Liked a child I cry


Gospel Number One ©



Samantha Jane Clarke 2012 ©

(ISRC 2022)


1 review for Gospel Number One

  1. Randy Stahla (verified owner)

    Heartfelt emotional lyrics about a child lost – I assume it was during birth.
    I wasn’t sure what the title meant in relation to the lyrics – “gospel” means “Good news” in Greek.

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