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I wake up in the morning and it’s so early

I want to go back to sleep, with you lying next to me

I got a constant yearning, to be a part of you

And have you as a part of me

But something tells me baby, that it is just a maybe

And that’s how we’ll be

And I’m of the understanding, that in the end

You and I aren’t meant to be


I made myself a coffee and its bitter sweet

Just like my life

And I’ll have a precious moment

And it steals away and gives way to strife

And this model coil keeps turning

And I wish that I could slow the hands of time

And it’s only just beginning

But the end came, yesterday night


Oh, I light the fire in the mood

Wait for change;  I wait for change to come soon

But Fate hits me like a wave in dark high seas

And my destiny is started

And my melody is out of key


I wish I could roll like a stone

And shed, all that’s up with me

This world I would roam

But unfortunately, money is the key, to that dream

And I don’t want to be mistaken

But I think it’s already happened to me

And I do not want an eagle

But it’s too late

It’s a part of me


So hit me with it softly

If the time comes, for you to go

It won’t make it any easier

This is something that I know


And I’ll miss you like crazy

And crazy, I’ll become for a while

But I just remember baby, no matter how I feel, I’ll try to smile

I’ll try to make it with a smile

I’ll try to make it with a smile


Fate ©


Samantha Jane Clarke

2013 ©

(ISRC) 2022


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