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I didn’t have much Courage

That’s why I let you go

I knew you’d be a big star

But I just felt so low


And to this very day, I can hear you say

He’s not good for you

Honey you were right, I’m sorry I was shy

In front of you, you handsome guy


There’s lots of explanations

But they don’t matter now

What matters, is our paths crossed

Was destiny, somehow


I need to let you know

I didn’t want to go, away from you

I looked into your eyes and I saw paradise

Inside of you, my friend


I feel like I’m alone now

No body to relate

I think of you so often

You’ve opened up the gate


I see you in my dreams, looking back at me, as if to say

That you somehow know the truth

I’ll get to see you soon and life will be okay

Once again


Courage ©


Samantha Jane Clarke

2013 ©

(ISRC) 2022


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