Feel You Shiver


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Feel You Shiver

Spent the day down by the river

Babe, you make me shiver

I’ve got lots to lose

How about you?


Where the water runs cold

The story is far from old

Oh, what a beautiful day

To wish your blues away


I’ve got something to say

I need your love today

Meet me down by the river

So, I can Feel You Shiver


The beast of burden comes

Walking in the sun

It’s going nowhere

It’s a heavy load we share


To be one with you

That’s all I want to do

Down by the river

I Feel You Shiver


Tonight, the stars shine bright

Babe hold me tight

You can let loose on me

I got empathy


Forget her, you got me now

We’re going to make it somehow

Rock the cradle baby

No, I’m not crazy


The brightest star around

Can lay me on the ground

This house of cards

These shattered shards

These armoured guards


Watch the walls fall down

When you come around

Down by the river

You make me shiver


Feel You Shiver ©


APRA AMCOS 764469 & 733993

Clarke & Bruno 2013 © 

(ISRC 2022)


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