Lonely Cowboy


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Lonely Cowboy ©

Locked up and chased by a Lonely Cowboy

Think you got the better of me this time boy

And when the luck runs out it’s mine boy

I’m running from you this time

All the things you said and all the things you’ve done

They run around my head

This time you’ve won

Ooo Ooo Oo Oo hoo, sha la la la


Now I’m defeated

The sun came up to soon

Throw me in a wishing well

On a full moon

I’ll come out alright

I’ll put up a fight

The wolves

Howl tonight

And when the waves come crashing

I’ll know I’m found

And when the fires come burning

I’ll stand my ground


Settle for less than I deserve

Follow this path through this reserve

Of broken dreams and shattered minds

I will break free from these confines

Bring me to water

Heal these aching bones

My life gets shorter

Without a home


You’ve got your eyes

But there nothing on me

All you desire

Will be my key

Sha la la la 

Oh Ooo Ooo


Lonely Cowboy ©


Samantha Jane Clarke 2013 © 

(ISRC 2022)


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