My Only One


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My Only One

If I could find the words that you haven’t heard before

I’d say them all to you and watch the blanket fall

I’ve felt the warming summer, blinding cold and heat

But when you said you loved me my world turned beneath my feet


So, I say to you don’t worry

It’s going to be alright

Because when you said you loved me

That’s what’s buried in my heart


When the words can’t paint the picture

And you’re running from someone

Just remember darling that you are

My Only One


My Only One that holds me

My Only One that told me

Don’t worry dear let’s break the fear



You’re the only one that holds me

As is written in the stars

My Only One

I keep within my heart


My Only One ©

APRA AMCOS 733993 & 764469

Bruno & Clarke 2013 © 

(ISRC 2022)



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